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iTRACS® DCIM Software Suite is an open-architecture data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform which unlocks the massive amount of data buried in your infrastructure, allowing you to use every ounce of capacity and performance. It also helps you defer or eliminate CapEx by extending the life of your data center, as well as reduce OpEx, including costs associated with power cooling and resource utilization. In essence, you can run your network much more efficiently and effectively.

iTRACS® delivers an unparalleled view of your physical ecosystem assets, systems, and workflows. It presents your entire infrastructure in a holistic way that’s easy to understand, monitor, and manage. For example, with our interactive 3-D Visualization, you can review your network’s connectivity, organize a move or upgrade, and drill down to a single component or port to troubleshoot a network issue.

iTRACS® award-winning DCIM solution provides all the insight you need to succeed. By transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into insight you can turn insight into action and realize a strategic business advantage.

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