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Automated infrastructure management with imVision®

Monitoring and managing your network’s infrastructure has never been more challenging. Between ever-increasing fiber densities, complicated point-to-multipoint connections, and heavily meshed leaf-spine architectures, knowing the true state of your connectivity at any time has been extremely challenging. Until now.

imVision®, a key part of the SYSTIMAX® structured cabling solutions portfolio, is the automated infrastructure management (AIM) system that connects you to what’s happening on your network. With an easy-to-use web-based dashboard, now you can see, know and control every aspect of your infrastructure in real time. Whether you want to implement changes such as adding new servers, tracking down a stranded switch port, or troubleshooting a connectivity issue, our intelligent solution can diagnose in minutes what used to take days.

What’s more, because imVision keeps a watchful eye on your entire network and document the insertion and removal of patch cords, it also provides an extra layer of security against unauthorized tampering with your physical infrastructure.

imVision is an AIM standards-compliant management solution that provides a holistic view of your network. It shows you how the infrastructure and assets are being used, enabling you to optimize the allocation and use of your resources.

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