Our Partners

CANS BV is a certified and valued partner of Nlyte, CommScope, Hyperview, Sunbird, Device42, Graphical Networks and Schneider Electric in Europe. As a certified reseller of their IT solutions we are your partner for the migration, implementation, deployment and maintenance of their IT solutions.

partner Nlyte Software


Nlyte is a leading DCIM supplier, the Nlyte package automates the management of all your resources, processes and people during the entire life cycle of your computer infrastructure.

partner CommScope

CommScope’s iTRACS DCIM

iTRACS is a leading supplier of open, enterprise-class data center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions and delivers the iTracs DCIM suite.

partner CommScope

Commscope’s imVision®

imVision is a sophisticated approach to infrastructure management. It combines intelligent hardware and software to provide users with unprecedented visibility and control over their network connectivity.



Hyperview’s DCIM package is known for its relative simplicity and the ability to go beyond the data center itself, for example by including the virtual and cloud infrastructure in the package

partner Sunbird


Sunbird’s proven DCIM software suite is helping customers in improving uptime through smart monitoring of rack power and environment, improving utilization of power, drive energy efficiency initiatives, simplify the daily operations of moves, adds, and changes, and understand end to end data center utilization and capacity.

Device42 partner Device 42


Device42 is a comprehensive DCIM tool that helps you manage your data centers visually with room and rack layouts, power consumption and real-time capacity planning

partner Graphical Networks

Graphical Networks

Graphical Networks netTerrain is a visualization and automated network and data center data solution.  The Graphical Networks netTerrain Solution will provide a robust data center infrastructure management suite to document and manage data center and network infrastructure, business processes, HelpDesk support, provisioning requirements, and asset and inventory data.

partner Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric offers an integrated suite of data center management software applications that enable businesses to prosper by managing their data centers across multiple domains, providing actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency throughout the entire data center life cycle.