. Cans – From DataCenter to Value Center

From DataCenter to Value Center

In January 1, 2012

Today it has never been so difficult to manage and monitor (corporate) DataCenters, co-locations and the rest of the physical infrastructure. Management teams more than ever before are expected to deliver required business value for the organization. Managers expect lower energy costs and simultaneously measurable gains of transformational technologies such as Cloud Computing. Meanwhile new global technical trends come more quickly together in order to replace non-sufficient and obsolete conventional ways of designing, building and managing a DataCenter. “The ground beneath us is shifting rapidly.” This calls for a new model for managing the physical infrastructure of DataCenters.
DCIM consists of more than technique.

The engineering and construction of a DataCenter is one thing. The operational management and monitoring of these DataCenters or the server room is something entirely different. It has become a complicated and crucial matter to put the infrastructure in a DataCenter in map (visualizing), manage and optimize. In many cases this infrastructure and performance within organizations is not clear and there is little or no attention paid to monitoring it. The lack of a holistic perspective can have a direct and negative impact on an organization’s success.

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