. Cans – CommScope® acquires iTracsTM

CommScope® acquires iTracsTM

In April 12, 2013

It will certainly not have escaped your attention; at the 19th of March last CommScope® has acquired iTRACS™. The full press releases can be found through the following links; iTRACS™ Press Release , CommScope® Press Release

Since this news was brought to the iTRACS ™ partners only at that same date, we have chosen to provide you with further information as soon as we had spoken with the management of both iTRACS™ as CommScope®. Meanwhile we can announce you that through this acquisition for you as a (potential) CANS-customer nothing has changed. We can confirm you that CANS remains your first point of contact and that you can keep expecting the same level of quality for our services as you used to.

Through this acquisition, we can safely say that iTRACS™ reinforces its position as the absolute leader in the field of DCIM software. Through which an even broader support in the areas of productsupport and development is ensured. This will result in some spectacular future innovations in the DCIM software. We keep you informed through our website of these developments. If you still have any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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